What is "Boma Beans"?


Every January, medical students from Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine provide medical care to rural Maasai villages (bomas) in Kenya.

On one of these trips, Keven Meyer, a non medical volunteer, saw a great need for food in these villages.

As a result, "Boma Beans" was born.  

Donations were collected to buy beans for the Maasai bomas that needed it.

Some children suffer from Kwashiorkor (a form of malnutrition caused by the lack of protein in the diet) and marasmus (severe overall undernourishment). 


The Boma Beans Mission

Third year med student Rebekka Lee is taking lead to raise funds before the next trip in January of 2019. Our goal this year is to raise $500.

The money will be used to buy beans, rice, and maize to supplement their sparse diet in the villages Hands for Health visits in Kenya and the children's orphanage in nearby Loitoktok. 

For only $3,000 a year, we can provide food to 16 bomas and the orphanage. Any donation toward this cause would be greatly appreciated!