Lake Atitlan

General Information

The location of this outreach service will be in the western highlands of Guatemala, located outside of the city of Panajachel on Lake Atitlan.   This medical outreach segment of the program will occupy 1 week and done in conjunction with Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic medicine students.  We will visit 4 different villages around the Lake, as requested by SOSEP, the humanitarian outreach office of the First Lady of Guatemala.   In makeshift clinics, the students will see patients under the supervision of faculty and other licensed healthcare providers with the group as well as through the department of health for the area.  You may be provided the opportunity to provide diagnostic and patient care services, participate in preventive and public health events as well as work in areas such as minor surgery, pharmacy, triage, and clinical laboratory settings. 

Health Care providers will be asked to engage students in discussions of medical issues in a problem-solving format, while working with the patients, and at times, after hours.  Students will be guided by the health care providers in honing their skills in presenting patients and in the assessment and treatment of patients under the conditions of limited resources found in many rural settings and countries that are the object of the outreach programs of RVUCOM and Hands for Health Foundation.     Everyone works and travels as a team.   We are expected to demonstrate a holistic and culturally sensitive approach to the delivery of medical care while on site. Anyone not working as part of the team may be asked to leave the group.  By the Team Leader/Medical Director of the specific trip.